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What Car Loan Interest Rate Should You Pay in 2021? (Best, Worst, Average Explained)

Most banks who offer auto loans provide similar rates as low as 3% to the most qualified customers. However, there is much variance amongst banks in the highest allowed APR, with top rates ranging from as low as 6% to as high as 25%. Banks who provide higher rate loans will generally accept applicants with worse credit, while more risk averse lenders wont offer loans to applicants with scores below the mid-600s.

The typical large bank has specific eligibility requirements for loans, including a mileage and age maximum for cars, and a dollar minimum for loans.

Generally, credit unions extend loans at lower interest rates than banks, have more flexible payment schedules, and require lower loan minimums . However, credit unions tend to offer loans exclusively to their membership, which is often restricted to certain locations, professions, or social associations.

Financial Institution

Is It A Good Time To Refinance Right Now

As a rule of thumb, refinancing can save you money if you can secure an interest rate thats around 1% lower than your existing rate. And the number of homeowners with rates well above the current market rates has dwindled dramatically as rates have risen.

There are alternatives to refinancing. With values rising in todays housing market, homeowners may want to turn that value into cash. With rates where they are, a home equity line of credit may make sense for you because you wont have to take out a new mortgage. For those wanting to consolidate high-interest debt or make much needed home repairs or upgrades, a HELOC could make sense. If you go that route, youll want to understand the repayment schedule, interest rate and fees because they could differ from a traditional mortgage.

Best For Used Cars: Chase Auto


Chase Auto offers the security of a stable financial institution with competitive rates, high loan amounts, and a concierge car-buying program that makes it easy to get the best rates and financing options for a used car.

  • Pre-qualify with a soft credit pull

  • Car-buying and car-management services

  • 0.25% discount for Chase Private Clients

  • Must finance from a Chase network dealer

  • New application needed when switching dealers

Chase Auto is the car financing arm of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., the largest bank by assets in the U.S., and allows users to shop for, finance, and manage their vehicle all from one account.

Although Chase Auto doesnt list rates online, it has a calculator that will allow you to get an idea of your potential rate. Chase also offers generous loan amounts ranging from $4,000 to $600,000 and 12 to 84 months flexible repayment terms.

Chase Auto doesnt require you to make a down payment for a loan, though putting money down can reduce the total amount you need to borrow and your monthly payments. You can also get a 0.25% interest rate discount as a Chase Private Client, which requires you to have a minimum average daily balance of $150,000 in qualifying personal, business, and investment accounts or a Chase Platinum Business Checking account.

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How Your Interest Rate Affects Your Auto Loan

When youre dealing with the higher interest rates that come with less than good credit, it can really bump up the cost of the car youre financing. This is because interest accrues daily based on the balance of your auto loan. The higher the interest rate, the more youre going to pay in interest charges.

Lets look at an example of how the interest rate you qualify for impacts the overall cost of your car loan. Say you took out a $15,000 loan with a term of 72 months . Check out the difference in total cost between a 19.85% interest rate and a 9.77% interest rate:

Monthly Payment



In this example, were using a loan term thats becoming increasingly popular due to the rising cost of auto financing. A longer loan term lowers the monthly payment but raises the overall cost of your loan.

Since youre likely to see these higher rates with poor credit, one way you can lower the overall cost of your car loan is by opting for a shorter loan term. If we assume the same $15,000 financed but use a 60-month loan term, you save money overall by lowering the interest charges. The shorter your term, the fewer interest charges you’re going to pay.

Refinance Rate Forecast: What Drives Changes In Mortgage Rates

Average Interest Rate By Debt Type: Auto, Credit Card, Mortgage

The annual inflation rate came in it at 8.5% in July, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor StatisticsAnd thats not good for refinance rates.

With high inflation lingering longer than initially expected the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates three times. Because of all of this, we could be stuck with high inflation for much longer than we want, which makes it more likely that the Fed will have to raise interest rates aggressively.

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Save Up For A Down Payment

While the safest car-buying option is to pay in cash, thats not always an option for everyone. Its possible to get a car loan without a down payment, but having one will help keep monthly payments lowand cut down on how much you need to borrow.

You could also consider trading in your current car to lower your auto loan payments.

Best Auto Loan Rates With A Credit Score Of 640 To 649

Summary: A review of the best car loan rates for new, used & refinanced vehicles for borrowers with credit scores between 640 and 649.

Auto lenders classify a score of 640 to 649 as non-prime or near prime credit. Your score is below the national average of 710, but its not in the subprime range, where you have to work to find a lender. You will be eligible for just about any new, used, or refinance automobile loan on the market, but you wont get the best interest rates.

Your credit isnt the only factor affecting your interest rate. Youll have to decide whether to finance through the car dealer, your local bank or credit union, or an online lender. Your down payment and the term of your loan also make a difference. Lets take a close look at auto loan rates for borrowers with credit scores between 640 and 649.

Disclaimer:Credit score refers to the FICO score in this article. If you have a different score , that does not likely equal your FICO score. Also, theres a special version of the FICO score used for auto lending the FICO Auto Score. This is the score that is most likely going to be used to determine your terms and rates. You can get your FICO Auto Score here.

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Where Can I Find The Best Car Loan Rates In Canada

You can often find competitive car loan interest rates in Canada from the following providers:

  • Dealerships. Dealers usually have an incentive to offer the best car loan rates in Canada because they want you to buy a car from them. Dealers provide in-house financing and/or are partnered with multiple lenders, including the big banks. However, you may want to secure financing first before you visit a dealership so you have more negotiating power.
  • Banks and credit unions. While financial institutions do not have an incentive to sell you a car, they may still offer competitive interest rates. When weighing your bank or credit union options, check if their auto loan is secured or unsecured. Secured loans generally have lower rates than unsecured loans. Most auto loans are secured, but some auto loans from banks or credit unions may not be.
  • Online brokers. If you have fair or bad credit below 660 and need help finding a lender who can approve you, you may wish to apply to an online broker that specializes in finding a car loan for borrowers like you. Online brokers are partnered with hundreds of dealers and can match you with multiple car loan rate offers. Be prepared for higher interest rates though, because lenders view borrowers with fair or bad credit as higher risk.

Where Can You Get The Best Auto Loan Interest Rates

What is the average interest rate when buying a car with bad credit

Lenders dont all offer the same auto loan interest rates by credit score. Youll likely find a range of rates available to you if you compare auto loan offers. Thats why its good to shop around. There are a number of places you can find auto loans. Some may have better loan options than others, depending on your circumstances.

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Average Interest Rates On Used Cars

Used cars generally come with higher interest rates than new cars. This is because most used vehicles are no longer covered under warranty, and it can be difficult to gauge their exact value. Used cars also have higher mileage, more wear and tear, and are generally less reliable than new vehicles.

While the interest rate may be higher on a used car loan, the amount you finance is likely to be lower due to depreciation.

Here are the average interest rates on auto loans for used vehicles at the end of 2019, according Experians report:

Average Interest Rate for a Used Car Loan
Super Prime 781 to 850 4.43%

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Best For Fair Credit: Carvana


For fair credit borrowers in the market for a used vehicle, Carvana provides the ability to shop online for financing and a vehicle at the same time. It has no minimum credit score requirement, providing a financing solution for those with damaged credit.

  • Entirely online dealer and lender

  • Excellent credit borrowers get the lowest rates

  • Minimum income requirement of $4,000 annually

  • Only for used vehicles

As with most lenders, borrowers with the best credit get Carvana’s most competitive rates. Carvana does not advertise its rates or publish a table, but you can estimate your monthly payment with an online calculator. That said, even the calculator does not reveal the rate it is using. You must prequalify to know what your interest rate will be.

Carvana is a completely online used car dealer that also provides direct financing. It makes it possible to secure financing, shop for a vehicle, and get a used vehicle delivered without leaving your house. There is no credit score minimum for its financing program, making this an attractive option for fair credit borrowers. However, you must have an income of at least $4,000 annually and no active bankruptcies.

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How To Choose The Best Auto Loan Lender

Choosing the right lender comes down to financing a vehicle you can afford. It is recommended that you get quotes from at least three lenders outside of a car dealership before deciding which is right for you. Pay special attention to the following factors:

1. Approval requirements. Every lender has different requirements to receive approval. Lenders will consider aspects like your credit history, income and debt-to-income ratio. Your credit serves as the primary determinant of potential rates. Keep in mind that typically, the worse your credit score is, the less competitive your rates will be.

2. Annual percentage rate. The APR represents the amount of interest that you will have to pay during the loan. Pay close attention to this number a higher APR means more interest and thus a larger monthly cost. Also remember to shop the total loan amount, not just the monthly payment.

3. Loan terms. While a lower monthly payment may seem appealing, pay close attention to available terms, and consider how the lifetime of your loan will impact your overall cost. A longer loan term will lower your monthly cost, but you will pay more interest. Conversely, a shorter loan term means a higher monthly cost but a lower cost over the life of the loan.

Auto loans let you borrow the money you need to purchase a car. Since car loans are typically secured they require you to use the automobile you are buying as collateral for the loan.

How Our Refinance Rates Are Calculated

What Is the Average Loan Interest Rate?

Our daily refinance rates are based Bankrates daily rate data, which is owned by the same parent company as NextAdvisor. These overnight refinance interest rate averages are based on a consumer profile that meets these qualifications:

  • At least 20%+ equity
  • FICO score of 740 or higher
  • Existing single-family detached home

The information provided to Bankrate from lenders across the country is provided in the table below:

Average refinance interest rates

Take a look at mortgage refinance rates for a number of different loans.

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Average Rates For Auto Loans By Lender

Auto loan interest rates can vary greatly depending on the type of institution lending money, and choosing the right institution can help secure lowest rates. Large banks are the leading purveyors of auto loans. Credit unions, however, tend to provide customers with the lowest APRs, and automakers offer attractive financing options for new cars.

Can You Sell A Car With A Loan

It is possible to sell a vehicle when you still have a loan, but it adds a few extra steps. There are a few different options in this situation. One option is to pay off the loan in full before selling the vehicle, which involves contacting your lender to determine your payoff amount. After paying off the loan, your lender will release the lien.

You can sell a vehicle that’s financed without paying it off by selling it to a private buyer or trading it in with a dealer.

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Can I Sell My Car With A Loan

It is possible to sell your car with an outstanding loan, but you may have to go through a few extra steps. If your car is worth less than what you currently owe on the loan, you have what is known as negative equity meaning you may need to pay the difference out of pocket or refinance the remaining amount with a different type of loan.

If your car is worth more than what you currently owe, on the other hand, you may be able to pocket the difference in cash when you sell the car. Whatever your situation, reach out to your lender about your options, as each lender sets different rules for selling a car with a loan.

Recommended Auto Loan Providers

Good to Know: Auto loan interest rates rising rapidly

While no one lender offers the best rates for everyone, some offer better auto loan interest rates by credit score than others. The only way to know whether youre getting the best auto loan rates for your credit score is to source loan offers from several lenders and compare them. We recommend myAutoloan and Auto Credit Express as good places to start your search.

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Outlook For Auto Loan Interest Rates

2022 has already proven to be a complicated one in all facets of American finance. And, unfortunately, the automotive industry has not come out unscathed. Decisions made by the Federal Reserve and the remaining supply chain issues all play a part in how much it’s going to cost to finance your next car.

The increased Fed rate, sitting at 2.25-2.5 following the July meeting, will indirectly affect your rates. But, while the federal funds rate determines what lenders base their rates on, it is not the only consideration.

When combined with the tumultuous state of the car-buying market, it results in a more expensive experience overall. Kelley Blue Book reports that new vehicle costs were as high as $48,000 in June 2022.

With all of this in mind, consider approaching your next loan with extra care. Be sure to apply for preapproval and shop multiple lenders.

What Factors Affect Auto Loan Rates

Auto lenders set interest rates based in part on the likelihood of repayment. The riskier the loan is for the lender, the higher the interest rate it is likely to charge. Several factors indicate risk to lenders and can affect the interest rate you get on a loan.

Here are the most critical factors used to determine your rates:

  • :Your credit score is the factor that carries the most weight. The lower your score is, the higher your interest rate is likely to be.
  • :Your credit score is part of your credit history, but it isnt all of it. Lenders look at a detailed credit report that includes information about how much of your available credit youre using and whether youve missed monthly payments.
  • Loan term:Car loans generally have terms ranging from 12 to 84 months. Longer terms typically translate to lower monthly payments, but they also tend to come with higher interest rates.
  • :The average market rate is a significant factor in the rates you get. Lenders adjust their rates based on what they pay to borrow money, so youll see higher rates if the average interest rate goes up.
  • Loan-to-value ratio:The LTV ratio expresses how much of a cars value is borrowed. For example, if you want to borrow $20,000 for a car thats worth $40,000, thats an LTV ratio of 50%. The lower the LTV ratio is, the lower your interest rate is likely to be.

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How To Get An Auto Loan

Once you find the right auto loan for your situation, follow these steps:

1. Shop around. It is usually best to compare rates and terms from at least three lenders before moving forward with an auto loan.

2. Prequalify. Prequalifying with lenders lets you see your potential rates without a hard credit check.

3. Complete your application. To complete your application, you will likely need details about your car, including the purchase agreement, registration and title. You will also need documentation like proof of income and insurance, proof of residence and a driver’s license.

4. Make payments. Your payment schedule will start as soon as you receive your auto loan. If needed, set up a calendar reminder or automatic payments to keep you on track with your monthly bill and avoid late payments.

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