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What Is A High

When to invest with a savings account vs. money market account

A high-yield money market account is one that has a competitive APY. In some instances, money market accounts may have higher APYs than savings accounts.

But technically, a money market is a savings deposit account, according to the Federal Reserve. The main differentiator is that a high-yield money market account may allow for check-writing privileges and/or have ATM accessibility .

These withdrawal features on both a high-yield money market account and a savings account are generally limited under Regulation D to no more than six convenient transfers or withdrawals per statement cycle. Some banks, though, may impose even more limitations on withdrawals and check writing on a high-yield money market account.

In late April 2020, the Federal Reserve Board announced an interim final rule to amend Regulation D so that consumers can make an unlimited amount of withdrawals or deposits from savings deposit accounts, which includes money market accounts.

Banks, however, arent required to suspend these rules. Check with your bank to see if its allowing unlimited transactions on your savings account and money market account, and whether there are any fees for excessive withdrawals.

Can You Write Checks From A Money Market Account

This practice varies. Some money market accounts allow you to write checks from the account or make debit card transactions. Generally, youre limited to making six transactions per statement cycle, but each institution makes its own policies. Before opening an account, make sure to ask about withdrawal and excess transaction fees.

What Is The Difference Between A Savings Account And A Money Market Account

The differences between a savings account and a money market account are largely arcane. Some money market accounts offer more ways access deposits by issuing checks and debit cards, but prudent consumers will compare the two interchangeably, focusing primarily on rates and service among FDIC-insured banks . Most savvy consumers who plan their expenses and financial needs ahead find the additional functionality offered by money markets to be of little value and will choose whichever account has the higher rate.

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Best Money Market Accounts

The best money market accounts have strong rates and low fees to help you grow your bank balance.

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The best money market accounts have rates that help you grow your bank balance faster than money market accounts with average rates.

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Depending on your needs, a high-yield savings account might help you save more. Weve included a few options at the bottom of the page to help you compare.

What is a money market account?

A money market account is typically a type of savings account that may also offer a debit card and the ability to write checks. Money market accounts sometimes offer higher rates than high-yield savings accounts, but they also may have higher minimum requirements.

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The difference a high rate makes

Note: APYs shown are current as of September 7, 2022. All other information is current as of April 28, 2022.

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For that reason, market pros expect the Fed chair to sound hawkish, and that could rattle stocks and send bond yields higher. Yields move opposite price.

“I think he’s going to try to execute the fine art of getting off the 75 without creating euphoria and influencing financial conditions too easy,” said Rick Rieder, BlackRock chief investment officer of global fixed income. “I think the way the market is pricing, I think that’s what they’re going to do, but I think he’s really got to thread the needle on not getting people too excited about the direction of travel. Fighting inflation is their primary objective.”

As the Fed has raised interest rates, the economy is beginning to show signs of slowing. The housing market is slumping, as some mortgage rates have nearly doubled. The 30-year fixed rate mortgage was at 7.08% in the week of Oct. 28, up from 3.85% in March, according to Freddie Mac.

“I think will say that four 75-basis point hikes is an awful lot and with this long and variable lag, you need to step back and see the impact. You’re seeing it in housing. You’re starting to see it in autos,” said Rieder. “You’re seeing it in some of the retailer slowdowns, and you’re certainly seeing it in the surveys. I think the idea that you’re slowing, it’s important how he describes it.”

“If inflation continues to be surpisingly high, he shouldn’t shut off his options,” he said.

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Is Your Money Stuck For A Set Time In A Money Market Account

Most money market accounts have a minimum balance requirement and often require that you give notice before making a withdrawal. Additionally, while most money market instruments are FDIC-insured, only some are insured for up to $250,000 per depositor. For example, deposits in savings accounts are only insured for up to $100,000 per depositor.

What Fees Are Associated With A Money Market Account

While money market accounts offer many benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks to be aware of. One is that you may be charged fees for certain transactions, such as withdrawals made by check or transfers made to another account. Additionally, your bank or credit union may charge you a monthly maintenance fee if you make more than six monthly withdrawals or transfers. Read the fine print carefully before opening a money market deposit account to understand the potential fees.

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What Are The Different Types Of Savings Accounts

Generally speaking, there is only one type of savings account. Some savings accounts may be called high-yield savings accounts but that doesnt necessarily mean that they offer higher yields. Money market accounts also fall under the official definition of savings deposit accounts.

Some banks may also offer special savings accounts for children, while other institutions may one one account for everyone but allow accounts to be titled as custodial savings accounts.

Here are some possible titling options to designate the owner of a savings account:

Not all savings accounts are created equal. Many online banks, for example, pay higher yields than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. When choosing a savings account, consider APY, minimum deposit requirements and your financial goals. The best savings accounts should provide a competitive APY, but also give you the flexibility to securely withdraw or transfer money each statement period.

Why Money Market Rates Are Going Up Now

Markets drop, interest rates rise, as economy struggles

Money market account rates, like savings accounts and CDs, largely follow the target rate range set by the Federal Reserve which has gone from near-zero to more than 3% just this year.

Interest rates are going up at a very rapid clip, says Greg McBride, CFA, chief financial analyst at Bankrate. Like NextAdvisor, Bankrate is owned by Red Ventures. Were seeing returns now that we havent seen since 2008 or 2009. And rates are still rising. That goes for most deposit accounts right now, including money market accounts, savings accounts, and CDs.

But from our regular tracking of the best high-yield accounts among these different types, MMAs have tended to lag behind CDs and savings in raising rates. Only now are some of the best money market account rates topping 2.5% and 3.0% APY.

One potential cause, according to McBride, is that there are simply more high-yield savings accounts to choose from. Because of the sheer amount of high-yield savings accounts available today, theres more spread among the rates banks offer. Its a matter of numbers. If there are ten times as many savings accounts as money market accounts, youd expect a similar ratio when looking at the highest yields .

Regardless, money market accounts and high-yield savings accounts are on the rise and as long as the Fed keeps up its rate hikes, these accounts will keep getting better too.

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What Does The Latest Rate Hike Mean For The Stock Market

Stocks shot up on Wednesday afternoon immediately following the news but tumbled as investors took in the Feds still-tough stance on inflation. High interest rates make borrowing and doing business more expensive for companies, which can weigh on their stock prices.

This strikes us as a clear signal that wave of 75bp hikes is over, Pantheon Macroeconomics chief economist Ian Shepherdson wrote in a note to clients about the Feds comments, unless the data between now and the December meetingare unexpectedly awful.

But dont expect major changes just yet. Many experts are predicting another 50 basis point hike in December, followed by another smaller hike in 2023 and then a period of steadily high rates.

These major interest rate hikes are intended to slow the rate of inflation, which has been running at its highest level in 40 years, and keep the economy from overheating. Right now, consumer prices are still rising . Prices were 8.2% higher in September than they were a year earlier, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If youre expecting a rate cut anytime soon, I wouldnt hold your breath, eToros U.S. investment analyst Callie Cox said in written commentary shared with Money, adding that rates could stay high for a while.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said as much in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon: It is very premature to think about pausing, he told reporters.

Which Is A Better Money Market Account Or A Mutual Fund

A money market account is a type of bank account that offers depositors a higher interest rate in exchange for keeping a higher balance. Money market accounts are FDIC-insured, meaning your deposits are protected in case of a bank failure or other economic crisis. A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that pools money from many investors to purchase a portfolio of securities. Mutual funds are not FDIC-insured and are subject to market risk, which means that the value of your investment can go up or down. Both money market accounts and mutual funds have pros and cons, so it is important to consider your financial goals and objectives before deciding which is right for you. For example, a money market account may be a good option if you are looking for a place to park your money where it will earn a higher interest rate and be relatively safe. However, a mutual fund may be a better option if you want to invest in a portfolio of securities with growth potential.

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Why Do Savings Rates Vary So Much

Even though rates are at levels that are historically very low, there is competition for your money. Like any active marketplace, there are buyers and sellers of goods and services at different prices. Banks have different cost structures and they also have different needs for capital. This leads to different rates.

BestCashCows surveys show that online banks offer higher savings and CD rates because they have lower expenses from not having to maintain brick-and-mortar locations. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all depositors consider the rates at online banks as savings and money market accounts online can easy be set up to enable quick transfers to your favorite local bank.

Is A Money Market Account A Savings Or Checking Account


Money market accounts are savings products, but they often act as a hybrid of traditional savings and checking accounts, carrying characteristics of both.

Money market accounts tend to come with higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts but with higher minimum deposit and balance requirements.

Like savings accounts, money market accounts generally only allow for up to six withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle, making them best for parking cash.

But like a checking account, they may come with checks and possibly a debit card, allowing you to make purchases directly from the account.

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What To Know About Money Market Rates

An MMA is a common suggestion to round out a financial portfolio, according to financial advisors Kolton Kyne, with Ameriprise Financial, a financial planning firm based in Minneapolis, and Matthew Shiney, of Edward Jones, an investment firm based in Saint Louis. They give people decent returns thanks to high-interest rates and compound interest, along with the benefit of liquidity.

Today, interest rates are up from pandemic-era lows under 1% are over 2% APY. The Federal Reserve has increased interest rates this year to combat rising inflation levels, and banks have followed with higher rates on savings products like money market accounts. And money market account rates will likely continue to go up after the next Fed meeting.

Right now, MMA interest rates are steadily increasing, so it could be a good time to invest your money into one. These are variable accounts, so unlike CDs, your interest rate will increase with rate hikes even after you open and fund your account. Keep in mind that if you choose an MMA, they often come with higher account balance minimums than most savings accounts.

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How Does A Money Market Account Work

A money market account combines features of both a checking and savings account.

MMA savers can withdraw or spend the cash in their account like they would if it were a checking account, including writing checks, swiping their debit card, using their ATM card or making an electronic transfer.

The difference between an ATM card and a debit card: An ATM card can only be used for ATM access and not to directly make purchases, while a debit card is much more functional. A debit card can be used to buy things or to take out cash from your account when you make a purchase at a store, in addition to allowing you to make transactions at an ATM.

You earn interest at a higher rate with a MMA than with an interest-bearing checking account, but you are subject to the same federal withdrawal and transfer limit that savings accounts have: six per statement cycle . This means that MMA savers are limited to the number of checks that they can write from their account each month.

When Should You Open A Savings Account

Federal interest rate increase to tackle inflation, impacts housing market

Savings accounts are an ideal way to establish an emergency fund, but the money can be used for any financial goal, such as a downpayment on a house, a vacation or cash for retirement. Rates now at online banks are much lower than they were in early 2020 and 2019, and though there are expectations for rate increases, they might not be significant. Consumers have no control over low interest rates, but it pays to secure a competitive yield even when the difference seems minimal. For instance, $10,000 for a year in a savings account at 0.55 percent APY would earn $54 more than it would at 0.01 percent, assuming money is not withdrawn from the account.

Bankrate’s experts have compiled these reasons for opening a savings account:

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Want More Information About Saving

Explore our resources at Navy Federal’s Savings Learning Center.

Rates on variable accounts may change after the account is open. This APY is accurate as of 09/15/2022. Fees may reduce earnings.

A $2,500 minimum balance must be maintained to earn dividends on MMSA accounts.

Should the balance in a Jumbo MMSA account fall below $100,000, the dividend rate paid will be the Savings Account rate for each day the account is below $100,000.

A $2,500 minimum balance must be maintained to earn dividends on MMSA accounts. Should the balance in a Jumbo MMSA account fall below $100,000, the dividend rate paid will be the Savings Account rate for each day the account is below $100,000.

Average Savings Account Rates

The average savings account rate among U.S. banks recently fell to 0.04% and has since seen a small increase. However, there are several banks offering far beyond the current 0.06% average. The largest banks, which stick to the traditional brick-and-mortar business model, typically won’t offer more than 0.01% APY on their standard savings accounts. At that rate, a savings balance of $10,000 would earn just ten cents a year.

Online savings accounts tend to offer a slightly better deal, with interest rates of up to 0.50% currently. While these options typically donât usually provide branch locations, advances in digital banking technology have made it extremely easy for users to check savings balances and arrange transfers from their smartphone screens.

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