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Are There Saving Alternatives With Higher Interest Rates

How to Open a Savings Account on Wells Fargo Online

The majority of Wells Fargo customers will only be granted an interest rate of 0.01% APR. Depending on the amount of money in your account, that will only amount to a few dollars at the end of the year. Any account with an interest rate that low isnât a very lucrative long-term investment. The good news is it isnât hard to find options with better rates.

Yotta is one example of a savings account that can help you build up your money quickly. The average Yotta user enjoys an interest rate of 0.04%, but thatâs only the beginning. The main attraction of Yotta is that youâll be entered into free weekly drawings.

At the beginning of each week, youâll be given one ticket for every $25 in your account. A new number is drawn every night at 9 PM EST for a total of seven numbers. Youâll have the chance to win various prizes depending on how many numbers you match on your tickets. Thereâs a chance that you could win a brand new Tesla Model 3 or even a $10 million cash prize.

Wells Fargo Certificate Of Deposit Interest Rates

A certificate of deposit is a special type of savings account. It typically offers higher interest rates in exchange for keeping your money locked up for a specified period. Though early withdrawals are still possible, depositors typically have to pay a penalty in such instances.

Wells Fargo offers CDs ranging from three months to 12 months. If you have a relationship account, a bonus APY that pays a slightly higher rate may apply. However, you must participate in the Portfolio by Wells Fargo program to receive this bonus. Under this program, your CD must link to a separate Wells Fargo account. Participation in this program offers APY.

Sen Reed Sends Letters To 7 Big Banks Highlighting Inequities Between Rapidly Rising Interest Rates Banks Charge Their Customers & The Low And Slow To Rise Rates They Pay Savers

WASHINGTON, DC Its a simple fact: when the Federal Reserve raises its rates then banks increase the interest rates they pay savers. With that history in mind, U.S. Senator Jack Reed has a simple question for the nations largest banks: If big banks are now charging customers much higher interest rates for a range of products, why are they still paying customers such puny rates for the money in their savings accounts?

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation , the average interest rate for a savings account is 0.21 percent. And most of the big banks are still effectively paying just 0.01 percent interest to their depositors for savings.

Reed, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, says its unfair for big banks to charge hundreds, or in some cases thousands of dollars more in interest rates for things like credit card loans and mortgages , while consumers earn just pennies in interest less than half of a half percent — for the money in their savings accounts.

During a Senate Banking Committee hearing on large bank oversight, Senator Reed called out big banks for taking advantage of their own customers by charging more under the guise of higher interest rates while the banks themselves failed to pay out higher interest yields for savings accounts.

According to the FDIC, U.S. commercial banks held $16.8 trillion in deposits as of June, with much of that money deposited in individual checking and savings accounts.

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When you go to a bank to open a new account, you will have a variety of account types and features to choose from. Should you choose the basic checking option or an account that earns interest? Do you want the convenience of a bundled checking and savings account or the higher returns of a money market account?

To make these decisions, its helpful to first understand the differences between the most common bank account types. Here are some definitions to help you navigate your banking needs:

Once you understand the types of accounts most banks offer, you can begin to determine which option might be right for you.

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What Should I Look Out For

Like other savings accounts, look out for the limit of six monthly withdrawals, along with some other downsides:

  • Monthly service fee. You need to maintain a daily balance of $3,500 to waive the $12 monthly fee.
  • Initial deposit requirement. Though a low requirement, you need $25 to open an account.
  • Interest rate. The highest APY of 0.02% is only available if the account remains linked to a Portfolio by Wells Fargo relationship. Otherwise, the rate is 0.25%, which is far lower than other savings products.

Wells Fargo is far from the only provider, and if the drawbacks will get in the way of your savings goals, you can compare your savings account options to find the best account for you.

Snagging An Affordable Mortgage Today

Right now, mortgages are far from affordable. Quite the contrary — borrowers are looking at more than twice the rates they likely would’ve locked in a year ago.

That said, consumers with strong credit are more likely to wind up on the receiving end of more attractive rate offers. So those whose need work would be wise to try to boost those numbers before shopping around for a mortgage.

It takes a minimum credit score of 620 to qualify for a conventional mortgage. But many lenders insist on a higher number, which they have the right to do. And consumers with scores in the upper 700s or above are most likely to snag the lowest mortgage rates available.

Of course, at a time when it’s become so difficult to keep up with living expenses and debt, many consumers may be seeing their credit scores drop instead of rise. But a recent credit score drop should, if anything, be an indication that now’s not a great time to be buying a home. After all, if big names like Wells Fargo don’t even want to be in the mortgage lending business anymore, that certainly says something about today’s market and borrowing environment.

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Wells Fargo Savings Account Review 2023

Wells Fargo is a well-known name in traditional banking, with branches and ATMs across the U.S.

In addition to the advantages that come with a large bank, Wells Fargo makes managing your account pretty easy.

If youre focused on growing savings, a Wells Fargo savings account could be right for you.

Avoid Fees With Save As You Go

Open Wells Fargo Savings Account Online | Sign On

The $300 minimum-daily-balance number may be easy to hit if you already have a little bit of money saved. If you dont, you can set up an automatic savings transfer in one of two ways.

First, theres Save As You Go. With this program, $1 is transferred from your linked Wells Fargo checking account to your Way2Save when you:

  • Purchase something with your debit card

  • Pay a bill online using Wells Fargo online bill pay

Thats a pretty easy way to sidestep the service fee and grow your savings. Youre adding money to savings each time you swipe your debit card for a purchase or pay a bill online.

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Wellsfargo Way2save Savings Apy

The current APY for the WellsFargo Way2Save Savings is 0.01%, which is about on par with the rate most brick-and-mortar savings accounts offer.

Unlike other brick-and-mortar savings accounts, like the Bank of America Advantage Savings and Chase Premier Savings, there are no options offered to increase the interest you earn on your savings.

What Is A Savings Account

A savings account is a type of bank account designed to store money you dont need right away. Savings balances typically earn interest that compounds daily and is deposited into your account monthly.

You can find the best savings accounts at online banks, brick-and-mortar institutions and credit unions. Theyre often used to hold emergency funds and save for short-term goals like a down payment on a house or an upcoming vacation.

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Wells Fargo Vs Capital One

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a bank, including interest rates, fees, customer service and accessibility . It can be a lot to wrap your head around, so it can help to narrow your decision to two or three banks and then compare the features most important to you. Heres how two of the most popular retail banks, Wells Fargo and Capital One, stack up where it counts. A financial advisor can help you sift through all your banking options and how each one would fit into your overall financial plan.

Save As You Go Transfers

Wells Fargo

The Save As You Go feature transfers $1 from your linked Wells Fargo checking account to your Way2Save savings account every time you:

Make a purchase with your debit cardComplete a bill pay transaction through online banking

If you’re using the Save As You Go feature you can build savings just for using your account like you normally would.

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How To Compare Savings Accounts And Rates

Interest rates are just one of several features to consider when comparing savings accounts. You may want to compare:

  • Annual percentage yields
  • Branch/ATM access

Some of these features may be more important to you than others. If you do all your banking online, branch access isnt necessary. Savings tools like round-ups and automatic transfers are helpful if youre building your savings, but if you just need a place to store what youve already saved, you might not need that help. While opting for a free savings account is ideal, many banks that charge a monthly fee will waive it if you can meet certain balance or direct deposit requirements each month.

Easy Banking Tools And Goal Tracking

In addition to helping you find the best savings account for your needs, Wells Fargo offers a number of useful tools to help you create, track, and achieve your goals. Whether youre building up your emergency fund, saving for a family vacation, or working toward the down payment on a new home, these great banking options can work for you.

Secure Online Banking

Wells Fargo offers secure online banking access via your computer or Wells Fargo Mobile®, so you can make transfers to your savings, track your income, and view statements with ease.

Easily Accessible ATMs

With millions of ATMs around the world, you are guaranteed easy access to your bank account, should you wish to make a quick transfer or deposit into your Wells Fargo savings account.

Online Savings Methods

Along with the simple expedience of automatic transfers, Wells Fargo helps you track your savings progress with My Savings Plan, an excellent tool to help you reach your goals.

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What To Know About Us Bank

U.S. Bank has options that put the account holder in the drivers seat. You can find U.S. Bank establishments scattered throughout 28 states. Whether you choose to utilize its silver, gold, platinum or premium checking accounts, you can access the entirety of your wealth through the institutions banking app, its website or a standard ATM.

Furthermore, U.S. Bank ranks impressively on the national scale when it comes to its specialty options for students and seniors, demographics which some major banks do not cater to in any special way. However, for the rest of the general public, the ease and accessibility of an account with U.S. Bank might not outweigh the banks main drawback: its near-unavoidable monthly account fees.

U.S. Banks primary selling point might be its inclusionary tactics: if youd most prefer to keep all your finances contained to one bank, U.S. Bank is the place for you. In fact, the bank has checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, retirement accounts, wealth management accounts and more.

Tips For Banking Responsibly

Robinhood Paying 3% Interest Rate | Savings Accounts | Wells Fargo Chase in trouble
  • If youre looking to grow your savings, either through a high-interest savings account or a CD, a hands-off approach is best. Contribute to your account if you can, but otherwise just let compound interest work its magic. By only making withdrawals when absolutely necessary, you can give the interest you earn the opportunity to earn even more interest.
  • When you open any savings or checking account, its paramount to ensure youre not paying fees for features youre not using. Unnecessary fees are killer to your savings, and they can cut into any interest you earn. A great way to avoid this is to look for a free checking account when youre shopping for a bank.
  • If saving money were easy, everybody would doing it in earnest. Luckily, a financial advisor can help to ease the process. Finding a qualified financial advisor doesnt have to be hard. SmartAssets free tool matches you with up to three financial advisors who serve your area, and you can interview your advisor matches at no cost to decide which one is right for you. If youre ready to find an advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals, get started now.

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Additional Wells Fargo Way2save Savings Account Features & Benefits

There are a few other things to note if youre thinking of opening a Wells Fargo Way2Save savings account.

The first thing is being able to use your Way2Save account as overdraft protection.

You can link your account to your Wells Fargo checking account. If you have a transaction that puts you in the red, Wells Fargo will transfer money from savings to checking automatically to cover it.

That might be convenient, but its not free. Each transfer will cost you $12.50. Still, it is better than the standard $35 fee Wells Fargo charges per overdraft.

How Do I Open A Wells Fargo Platinum Savings Account

The Wells Fargo Platinum Savings Account can be opened online, by phone or at a branch. Follow these seven steps to sign up from the comfort of your home:

  • Go to the providers site and follow the steps to apply.
  • Hover over Banking and Cards, then select Savings Accounts and CDs on Wells Fargos website.
  • Scroll down to Platinum Savings and select Open Now.
  • Choose between an individual or joint account, then select Continue.
  • Enter your personal information, then select Continue.
  • Choose your account options, then proceed to the next step.
  • Fund your account, review details and submit your application.
  • Eligibility

    • Employment information

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    Are There Other Ways To Save With Wells Fargo

    Yes, there are two other options a certificate of deposit and the Wells Fargo Platinum Savings.

    The Wells Fargo certificate of deposit, or CD, is a time deposit, meaning you have to leave your money untouched to grow for a set period of time.

    You can earn a fixed interest rate with a CD. It does take at least $2,500 to open one.

    If thats not convenient for you, there is also Wells Fargo Platinum Savings. This account offers a better rate compared to the Way2Save account.

    You can earn up to a 1.95% APY on savings, but youll need a balance of at least $25,000 to get that rate. Otherwise, youll earn 0.05% on your Platinum Savings.

    The higher bonus rate is only available at Wells Fargo branches you cant get it online. This account also has a $12 monthly service fee.

    If youre just starting out with saving, a basic Wells Fargo savings account could be all you need. Remember, you can open your Way2Save account with as little as $25.

    Wells Fargo Savings Rates

    Wells Fargo Secret $200 Checking Promotion

    Wells Fargo has two savings accounts: the Wells Fargo Platinum Savings Account and Wells Fargo Way2Save Savings.

    Pros & Cons


    • Over 7,200 branches and 13,000 ATMs
    • Waive $12 monthly service fee by maintaining a $3,500 daily balance
    • Link to an eligible Wells Fargo checking account to earn a slightly higher Relationship rate
    • Your rate may increase when your balance reaches $100k, $500k, and $1 billion
    • Interest compounded daily, paid monthly

    The Wells Fargo Platinum Savings Account has a tiered interest rate system based on your account balance. Even the lowest tier pays a higher interest rate than many national brick-and-mortar banks. You’ll earn a slightly higher Relationship Rate if you link this account to a Wells Fargo checking account, but the difference is minor.

    This could be a good savings account for earning a relatively high rate at a brick-and-mortar bank. However, online high-yield savings accounts still pay significantly more.

    Pros & Cons

    • Over 7,200 branches and 13,000 ATMs
    • Waive $5 monthly service fee by maintaining a $300 daily balance, OR setting up automatic savings options, OR be under age 24 and the primary account owner OR transferring $25 or more from a linked Wells Fargo checking account
    • Save As You Go® transfers $1 into your Way2Save Savings Account from checking each time you swipe your debit card
    • Interest compounded daily, paid monthly

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