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Overview Of Capital One Savings Interest Rates

Capital One 360 Performance Savings Review

Though it operates hundreds of brick-and-mortar branches and cafes, Capital Ones savings rates are comparable to the higher rates paid by online-only banks. The Capital One 360 Performance Savings Account is considered a high-yield savings account because of its attractive rates.

The account can be opened online, through the Capital One mobile app, or at a Capital One branch or cafe. No minimum deposit is needed to open an account.

While some banks have tiered savings rates, based on your balance, Capital One applies the same 1.70% APY to all balances. That means you still get the same relatively high rate whether you save a little or save a lot in your account.

Interest is compounded and credited on a monthly basis. Capital One uses a daily balance method to calculate interest.

Overall, this account is light on fees. It has no:

  • Maintenance fees
  • Excess withdrawal fees

You will pay $30 for outgoing wire transfers, and theres a $10 fee if you purchase a cashiers check using your savings account balance.

Youre not required to have a Capital One checking account to open a Performance Savings Account. But if you do have checking and savings, you can link them together for easy and even automated savings transfers to help build your balance.

Capital One encourages savers to open multiple 360 Performance Savings Accounts, for different financial goals.

Capital One 360 Cd Rates

Capital One 360 offers both regular CDs and IRA CD accounts. An IRA CD is a certificate of deposit that enjoys the tax advantages of an individual retirement arrangement.

CDs come with terms ranging from six to 60 months so you can decide what period of time works best for meeting your savings goals. Capital One CD rates are tiered based on the CD term the longer the time frame until your CD matures, the higher the APY you can earn.

Theres no minimum dollar amount required to open a Capital One 360 CD account or a Capital One 360 IRA CD account. Thats worth noting because at some online banks, as well as traditional banks or credit unions, you may need $500 or more to open an IRA CD.

Capital One 360 CDs and IRA CDs are federally insured, up to the FDIC limits. Either one could be a good savings option if youre looking for a safe way to earn guaranteed returns for the short or long term.

Capital One 360 CD Accounts Term
1-Year CD 12 months Early withdrawal penalty for a CD with a 12-month term, the penalty is three months interest, regardless of when you redeem the account prior to maturity.
5-Year CD 60 months Early withdrawal penalty for a CD with a term greater than 12 months, the penalty is six months of interest regardless of when you redeem the account prior to maturity.

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How Often Can You Withdraw Money From A Bank Of America Savings Account

You can withdraw from Advantage Savings six times per month without penalty. After six withdrawals, Bank of America charges you $10. You can incur this additional withdrawal fee six times, for a total penalty of $60. You can waive this fee if you:

  • Are under the age of 18
  • Qualify as a student
  • Maintain a minimum daily balance of $20,000 or more
  • Are enrolled in the Preferred Rewards program

This withdrawal limit used to be the standard in the US due to a Federal Reserve rule called Regulation D. In , the Fed eliminated this rule to allow consumers unfettered access to their savings throughout the pandemic. As a result, some banks have eliminated the withdrawal limit, or increased the number of withdrawals before charging you.

Bank of America’s $10 fee for up to six extra withdrawals is expensive compared to Chase, which charges $5 per extra withdrawal only up to three times

How Does The Capital One 360 Savings Rate Compare To Other Savings Accounts

Capital One 360 Savings Up To $500 Bonus

In terms of interest earned, the Capital One savings interest rate compares favorably to other similar savings accounts.

Other online savings accounts, like Ally and Discover, are currently offering rates between 1.40% and 1.55%. These are close to the Capital One 360 Savings rate of 1.50%.

While CIT Bank proudly offers up to 1.55% APY, you have to clear a hurdle to earn this rate. You must either maintain a balance of $25,000+ or make at least one monthly deposit of $100 or more. If you fail to meet one of these requirements, your savings rate will fall to 1.09%.

Of course, when you compare the Capital One saving interest rate to traditional bank accounts, Capital One comes out well ahead. Wells Fargo currently offers a maximum of 0.08%, and Bank of America rates max out at 0.06% .

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Capital One Business Savings Account Vs Capital One Business Checking Account

If after reading through these Capital One Business Savings account options, you feel that youd like greater access to your businesss funds, you should probably turn your search to a business checking account.

On the whole, business checking accountsâincluding those from Capital Oneâare more liquid than savings accounts and they allow you to store, use, and manage your finances on a day-to-day basis.

This being said, once you open a business checking account, youll often find that the bank will allow you to open a connecting business savings accountâand you can manage these accounts in tandem.

With Capital One, for instance, you can link your business checking and savings accountsâand this will allow you to easily transfer funds between the two accounts, as well as utilize overdraft protection to reduce fees and protect your stored capital.

Capital One Vs Other Banks

Capital One, Americas 10th largest bank by deposits, is a standout among major banks in terms of the interest you can earn on savings. The banks current savings account APY is 13 times the national average savings account rate of 0.13%, as reported by the FDIC in August 2022.

Capital One is a big name in online banking, but how does the 360 Performance Savings Account measure up to the best savings accounts from banks that operate strictly online? They typically offer more generous rates because they have lower costs than banks with brick-and-mortar locations.

While there are a few outliers offering higher rates than Capital One, its near the top of the pile overall. The bank is also fee-friendly, making it easier for savers to hold on to more of their interest earnings.

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Wire Transfer Disclosure Statement

In this Wire Transfer Disclosure Statement and Agreement , the words “you” and “your” mean the account owner, and the words “us,” “we,” and “our” mean Capital One, N.A. This Agreement defines your responsibilities and our responsibilities with respect to domestic transfers of funds from your account with us for credit to an account at another financial institution or another account with us . You understand that, except as specifically modified by this Agreement, your account will continue to be governed by the terms and conditions contained in other agreements and/or disclosures that you have been provided with in connection with your account, which are incorporated herein by reference. Unless otherwise defined herein, the terms used in this Agreement shall have the same meaning as set forth in Article 4A of the Uniform Commercial Code and, to the extent applicable, the Electronic Fund Transfer Act and its implementing regulations.

Method Used to Execute the Wire Transfer: We may select any means for the transmission of funds that we consider suitable, including but not limited to Fedwire. We may make use of correspondents, agents, subagents, and funds transfer and communication systems. Such third parties shall be deemed your agents, and we shall not be liable for any errors, delay, misdelivery, or failure of delivery by any of them unless applicable law says otherwise.

Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Exchange Control Regulations and OFAC Enforced Sanctions:

When Capital One Is A Good Fit

Interest Rates Explained | Capital One
  • You rely on in-person banking: As the eighth-largest consumer bank, Capital One has 755 branches across the country, with most of it concentrated in Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
  • Your business works with cash regularly: Its 70,000 ATMs make it easy for business owners to withdraw cash. In addition, the Capital One Business Advantage Savings account has a free cash deposit limit of $5,000.
  • You want access to full-service business banking: Capital One offers tiered business checking accounts, credit cards, lending products, including real estate term loans, Small Business Administration loans, and lines of credit, escrow accounts, and merchant services.

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Capital One Checking Account Interest Rates

Capital Ones 360 Checking account is a fee-free online and mobile account. There are no minimum balance requirements to keep or open the account, with free ATMs at over 39,000 Capital One or Allpoint locations at no cost. You can earn 0% APY every month, regardless of the amount of money stored in your checking account. Capital One also offers a MONEY account, which is specifically geared toward teens. There are no fees associated with this account or minimum balance requirements, which is extra beneficial when starting a checking account for your kids. Your teen will also receive a free MasterCard debit card in their name, giving them some much-wanted buying power. Parents, however, should have no fear Capital One allows you to set up text alerts so you can track your teens spending, and see when their balance is low. Your teen can also earn 0% APY on all balances, which can help create better saving habits for the future.

How Did We Choose These Savings Accounts

It seems like every bank has a savings account today, so it begs the question: how is one to find the very best savings account?

These are some of the factors we considered to find the best online savings account:

  • APY: How much interest you earn matters, so we look for companies that offer a high APY to give you maximum growth potential.
  • Fees: There are many fees that an account holder can face, like monthly maintenance fees, an opening balance, or even a wire transfer. Be sure to carefully read the fee schedule to ensure that it is right for you.
  • Access: Some banks offer ATM cards so you can take out cash, but not all of them do. If you think you will want to access your savings, check to see which banks give you an ATM card upon sign-up.
  • FDIC protection: FDIC insurance is very important to secure the funds you put into your savings account because federal law protects up to $250,000 in your savings.

Before you choose the best savings account for you, check out the details of each bank to ensure that everything works for you and meets your needs.

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Complements And Alternatives To Savings Accounts

  • Money market accounts: Money market accounts are savings deposit accounts that may allow limited check-writing privileges or access to a debit card.
  • Checking accounts: Checking accounts usually dont offer competitive yields. There are some high-yield checking accounts, but they usually require you to meet certain requirements beyond a minimum balance, including having direct deposit or a minimum number of debit card transactions. Also, the high yield may be limited to a certain amount of money.
  • Certificates of deposit: A fixed-APY CD provides the same yield for the term of the CD. Most savings accounts have variable yields, so a CD is a way to earn a fixed APY during a term. CDs usually have an early withdrawal penalty, however, if money is taken out prematurely.
  • No-penalty CDs: No-penalty CDs may offer a lower APY than a regular CD in exchange for greater flexibility: They typically dont charge a fee when money is withdrawn before the term concludes.
  • Money market mutual fund: Money market mutual funds pay interest and may permit check writing, but they aren’t federally insured.

What To Do When Interest Rates Are Low

Solved: 3. Effects Of A Government Budget Deficit Consider...

It might feel like when savings rates are going up, everything is smooth sailing. But itâs also good to know that even when savings rates go down, youâve still got options to help you save successfully. Plus, these are things you can do in any rate environment to get the most out of your savings.

Here are some ways you can navigate the sea of changing rates:

Keep on saving

While interest is great, it isnât everything. Saving money regardless of the interest rate is still important to keep up with your financial goals. A good way to start is to create an emergency fund, which is about 3 to 6 months worth of living expenses saved for unexpected expenses that might come your way.3 With an emergency fund saved up, you can continue your saving journey with a solid foundation.

Itâs a good idea to keep your emergency fund in an account that provides FDIC insurance. That means your money is insured up to allowable limits so it’s protected in the unlikely event of a bank failure.4 This is a great benefit to have even when interest rates are low.

Eliminate existing bank fees

And while signing up for a new account without fees or minimums is a great option, you can also keep an eye out for common bank fees, like ATM withdrawal fees and paper statement fees, and try to avoid them.

Consider CDs or CD laddering

Pay down debt

Consider an automatic savings plan

Consider high-yield savings accounts

Contribute toward retirement savings

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Will Savings Account Interest Rates Go Up

Interest rates may fluctuate. But understanding why savings interest rates are so low or high can help you be better prepared. You can also use these tips to plan what to do with your money when interest rates are falling, consider where you want to focus your financial planning and think about what the best accounts are for you.

This site is for educational purposes. The material provided on this site is not intended to provide legal, investment, or financial advice or to indicate the availability or suitability of any Capital One product or service to your unique circumstances. For specific advice about your unique circumstances, you may wish to consult a qualified professional.

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    Is The Capital One 360 Savings Account Right For You

    The Capital One 360 Savings account is a solid option for the average person. Its easy to open and use, offers uncomplicated terms, and comes with one of the best interest rates available for a savings account with no monthly fees or minimum required balances.

    If youre a sophisticated investor, it might make more sense for you to keep your savings account with the bank that handles your investments so you can easily move money between your investment accounts. But for most of us, the Capital One 360 Savings account is a perfectly suitable high-yield savings account.

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    Cons Of Capital One Business Savings

    On the other hand, there are also downsides to the Capital One Business Savings accounts to consider as well.

    Perhaps one of the biggest is that Business Advantage Savings accounts are only high-yield during the 12-month promotional period. After that, rates drop and become variable. The rate earned during the promotional period is also well below what some competitors offer.

    The Capital One Business Savings products also have a certain level of inflexibility.

    The Advantage Savings account offer ATM and cash deposit access, but it isnt available throughout the U.S. and you have to actually visit a Capital One branch to apply. Plus, by the very nature of the Capital One Business Certificate of Deposit, you cant access your funds once youve opened your account. In addition, like the Business Advantage account, Capital One CDs are not available everywhere and you have to visit a location to apply.

    Are There Fees Associated With A Savings Account

    What Is Credit Card Interest? | Capital One

    Savings accounts may charge a maintenance fee if the minimum balance requirement isnt maintained. Some savings accounts, however, dont require a minimum balance or only require a nominal amount and still pay competitive APYs. If the accounts minimum balance requirement is too high, consider finding a bank offering a similar APY with no minimum balance requirement or a lower one. Finding a savings account with no monthly fee is the easiest way to avoid having surcharges eat into your interest earnings or principal.

    Out-of-network ATM fees are another charge to watch out for, as are fees for closing a savings account before a specified period, typically three to six months. Banks may also charge fees for sending wire transfers, or purchasing cashiers or official bank checks, utilizing funds in a savings account.

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